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Interpreterís Clinic Notes from December 11, 2011

Overall, the Board did very well on both the Rules and Manual Tests. 41 members got 100% on the Rules Exam, with another 25 missing only one question. 45 people got them all right on the Manual Exam, with another 20 missing only one . 24 members received 100% on both exams. The most missed questions on the Rules Exam were #ís; 13, 7, 2, 20, 27, 31, 37, & 21. The most missed question on the Manual Exam, for the third year in a row was # 6, followed by #ís; 29, 19, 27, 18, 5 & 7. Of 117 members taking the exam only 7 did not receive a score of 86% or better.

Be sure to report all technical fouls on the form found on our Boardís website under the MEMBERS ONLY ball. When you submit this form it goes to both myself and the Commissioner.

If you find a gymnasium that does not have the proper floor markings, please do not address it with the coaches or game administrator. Contact me after the game and I will address the issue with the school contact person. This way you are not put in an awkward situation or create any animosity.

Unless you deem it very unsafe, please allow participants to play with any specialized protective or medical equipment that is designed for their situation. Hopefully they have a medical note supporting their use of such equipment, but we want to be inclusive. Such things as insulin pumps etc. should be worn under the jersey. This does not circumvent the rule of no casts or unyielding material on the arm.

You may be the Referee for the first time in your officiating career this year, have you practiced your toss ? Veterans, you need to practice the toss just like players practice their shooting. It is something we do not do well and need to improve on.

Referee be sure to check with the Game Administrator when you arrive at the game site to see if there is a health care professional on duty that night. You need to know this information so that you can determine who will make the decision whether to allow a player demonstrating concussive symptoms to return to the game once removed.

Things that have been brought to my attention or observed during the pre-season.

  • - Remember, warnings must be given to each team before a technical foul is called. A warning for one team does not apply to both teams. Also, the table and offending coach must be notified of the warning.

  • - The Referee shall notify the scorer, timer and captains of the overtime procedure by telling them that there will be a 4 minute overtime started with a jump ball, a new AP arrow setting, each team receives an additional 60 second time-out and the team baskets remain the same. The Coach does not have to be in this meeting but they should be told if they ask the procedure.

  • - Never bounce the ball across the lane for an endline throw-in.

  • - Make sure to switch on all fouls, whether shots are involved or not.

  • - Lane violations involving players along the lane, only the first violation is penalized, whereas a violation along the lane by the defense followed by one by the shooter or an offensive team member outside the arc/free throw line extended constitutes a double violation. If it is part of multiple free throws, the penalty is cancellation of the involved free throw. If it is the last free throw then the penalty goes to the AP arrow to determine possession.

  • - A kicked throw-in by an opponent after a made basket does not negate the privilege of being able to run the endline. If there is a kicked AP throw-in by the defense, the throw-in team receives the ball back for the kick and still retains the AP arrow for the next AP throw-in.

  • - If a team is still in the locker room at halftime and consumes one full minute after the intermission has ended, then the resumption of play procedure is used to start the second half.

  • - During a resumption of play throw-in, if the wrong team steps across the boundary line and picks up a ball that has been placed down at a teamís disposal, this would constitute a warning for breaking the boundary plane. It would not be a technical and considered the same as slapping the ball out of a playerís hand out of bounds.

  • - If players come to shake our hands prior to the game we are not to refuse to do so. It must be a handshake too, we are not to ďbumpĒ fists or elbows.

  • - Remember, correctable error situations can be corrected if caught within the proper timeframe. We can cancel, award or re-shoot attempts under the proper conditions.

  • - If a technical foul is called, even if it involves contact on a player, any eligible player can shoot the penalty throws for that foul, it does not have to be the player that was fouled.

Make sure to take advantage of the Tips & Taps feature that IAABO sends online every Monday. These are good features and have self testing questions plus a video play each week.

Review pages 127 & 139 of the Manual to be sure we are using the proper procedures at the site of the foul, presentation to the table and site of the violation. We need to do a much better job with these duties so that we are all consistent in our presentation, and so that players and coaches see consistent presentation from game to game. For those of you officiating both college and high school games make sure you use high school signals and mechanics when refereeing a high school game. If you cannot honor the high school game with proper signals and mechanics then tell the Assigner that you should not work that level game.

Letís do a better job with our visual freeze after a foul is called. Remember, the non-calling officials responsibility is to observe all players while the foul is being reported. Letís not become oblivious to what the players are doing during this period of time. Donít worry about the ball.

Remember, Board #111 now has a Solicitation Policy in place. Members are not to solicit games in any manner from schools, coaches or AAís. If an AA asks you to officiate a pre-season game or get officials for such a game then that is OK but you should first contact the Assigner to see if you may have those teams involved within the next few weeks of assignments.

Good luck in your upcoming games, have a great holiday season. Our next and final clinic will be Sunday January 8 at 10 am in Room 137 Bennett Hall at U-Maine.

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