International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, Inc.

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Interpreter’s notes from
January 13, 2013 Clinic

  • It is important to be committed to Board #111 during the season by keeping your availability calendar updated on the Arbiter and being as cooperative as possible with our Assigner.
  • Do not be talking about players, coaches, AA’s after the game or on the way to your next game. Be professional and leave it in the gym.
  • Make sure to honor the roles of the Assigner, Secretary & Interpreter by contacting the appropriate person depending on whether you have a question on assignments, membership & dues or a rule interpretation.
  • Stay away from the use of social media as it relates to officiating. Interpretations should be referred to the Interpreter.
  • Make sure to use proper terminology when discussing officiating situations and especially when filling out technical foul reports.
  • Make sure to have good pre-games in the locker room, on the floor and at the table. Hats are not to be worn by table personnel. Make sure to monitor players’ uniforms during the pre-game. They are to be tucked in from the time they come onto the floor until you leave the confines of the gym at the end of the game.
  • Make sure to use technical fouls when needed. It will not affect the number of games you are assigned or your consideration for the tournament pool of officials.
  • Try to put yourself in the coaches shoes at times and realize that sometimes we are the cause of their frustration. We miss many more rulings than problems they cause us. Coaches see a video on Points of Emphasis and want to know why we are not enforcing the rules that are being emphasized.
  • We cannot officiate when we are angry, do not dwell on situations, move on.
  • Be sure to have the whistle in your mouth whenever the ball is live.
  • Do not throw the ball to your partner, either roll it, bounce it or hand it.
  • Do not try to dislodge a ball from being wedged between the basket and backboard, sitting on the flange or caught up in the supports of the backboard. Let the players or administrators do it.