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MID SEASON-issues that need attention

  1. Freeze coverage - fouls - non-ruling official(s) it is very often overlooked
  2. Lead official, following a goal and end line throw-in going long - official is often leading the play by 6-12 feet.
    At times turning head to look back.
    At times, prior to bouncing the ball, moving 5-8 feet on to the court.
  3. Not observing the free thrower or the player entering the lane near the free thrower... free thrower is into the lane and the defender is into the semi-circle and official does know it because he/she has closed and is watching the ball.
  4. In transition, the new Lead is often running with back to progressing play, rather than moving/running looking back over the shoulder to assist with transition coverage.
  5. Lack of using voice more firmly....often not stating color. and/or not stating the color sharply/crisply.
  6. Start all counts IMMEDIATELY....often late beginning.
  7. Time-outs granted prior to checking to learn if the time-out can be granted.Two situations when time-out is often ILLEGALLY granted:
    1. after a goal and the opponent already has the ball at their disposal - too late
    2. off-the ball official, granting time-out without checking CONTROL
  8. Officials with hands in pockets - while in Pre-Game observation position.
  9. Be sure to get into Reporting Area....a bit of slackness showing up
  10. Covering official, maintain observation of shooter up & down...don't be concerned about the ball and partner(s) to provide that coverage.