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Notes from Commissioner

December 4 2013

This memo is sent primarily to inform all officials that AAs & Coaches have viewed, listened and read the topics shared within the attached memo. All topics have been thoroughly addressed. The expectation now is compliance and understanding by Head Coaches and Officials realizing that each and every situation matters to and affects both teams. Not doing so certainly does not support the overall message - "Enforce the rules with no regard for the score of the game, the time of the game the situations of teams, players, coaches".

Contact of all types committed by defense or offense must be dealt with. Players and coaches will adjust.

The MPA, Schools, Coaches, Players and IAABO of Maine are depending upon Officials to always perform in a composed and professional manner.

Note: The Referee's duties, for this season, includes Greeting the Announcer and inquiring if he/she has any questions regarding the rules change.

Best wishes for an enjoyable season of officiating.

MPA-Commission Opening Season Memo

The MPA-Commission Clinics the Boards review sessions, the examinations and pre-season games have been completed.

Coaches and players have been preparing and practicing for two weeks.  Respect such preparation.

The opening games of the 2013-14 regular season are only a few dozen hours away.

For Your Information:

All Athletic Administrators and Coaching Staffs have been communicated with via a video clinic and memos. These communications have included the Rules Changes & Edits, the Points of Emphasis and Clarification of Topics requested by coaches.  All topics were thoroughly reviewed.  AAs and Coaches all were informed that all officials are expected to enforce all of the rules.  AAs, Coaches and Officials must understand and accept that that there are high expectations of all three roles.

Topics Included In Video & Memos:

* Arm & Leg Sleeves – medical reason; both items per player must match & each player match

* Head Coach May Enter Court When Aiding to Prevent or Curtail a Fighting Situation.

* Time-Out….request does not guarantee time-out; live ball - player control/ball at disposal are factors.

*Illegal Contact – defense and offense;  hands, armbars, bumping, pushing, backing out, backing down, bellying, chesting, reaching behind to find opponent, illegal verticality…..expect foul ruling.

* Loose Ball…..often rather than a held ball ruling, illegal contact occurs and must be ruled as such

* Intentional Fouls…..advantageous position; contact away from ball/play;  contact to stop clock

* Coaching Box….compliance is expected by Head Coach and Officials.  No warning.

* Bench Personnel… must remain seated during live ball; exception - stand to cheer then be seated.

* Free Throw Lane Line Spaces…. Enforcement is Expected.

* Dunking is Legal; Grasping Ring is Illegal; Enforcement is Expected.

* Basket Interference & Goal Tending was thoroughly reviewed.

* Substitution….do not delay game; horn must sound prior to official’s beckoning.

* Announcer – training needs to be in place; impartiality is to be promoted;  guest & host treated alike.

REFEREE (while at the Scorer & Timer Table) Greet Announcer & Ask – Any Questions Regarding Rule?

Examples: May Be Announced   Examples: Shall Not Be Announced
Player who scored     Number of points player has scored
Player charged with foul      Number of fouls on a player
Player attempting free throw(s)  Number of team fouls
Team granted a time-out   Number of team time-outs
Length of time-out; 30-second/60 second  Number of team time outs remaining
Three (3) point goal Emphatic three (3) point goal
Player entering game Time remaining in quarter/game
Team Rosters   Type of foul/Type of violation

Contact Above The Shoulders (Rule Based Guidance for Officials)

A player shall not swing his/her arm(s) or elbow(s) even without contacting opponent (a violation 9.13).

Excessive swinging of the elbow(s) occurs when arm(s) or elbow(s) are swung about while using the shoulders as pivots, and the speed of the extended arm(s) or elbow(s) is in excess of the rest of the body as it rotates at the hips or on the pivot foot.  It is a violation 9.13.

Examples of illegal contact above the shoulders and resulting in penalties.

1)      Contact with a stationary elbow may be incidental or a common foul.

2)      An elbow in movement but not excessive is an intentional foul.

3)      A moving elbow that is excessive can be either an intentional foul or a flagrant personal foul.